Side by Side End of Life Doula

Prepare Yourself & Loved Ones

With cultural sensitivity, Rita provides individualized services to support the dying person and their care community throughout the dying process.

End of Life Planning

Rita assists her clients with the preparation of Advance Directives and facilitates sourcing and selection of care services, including hospice, as needed. Her service includes Life Review and Legacy Planning. She helps you envision the death you desire and create a Vigil Plan. Walking by your side throughout the journey, Rita helps you navigate the end-of-life stages; the goal is for a safe transition of ease, grace, and possibilities.

Early Grief & Bereavement

After death, Rita provides those left behind with guidance, assistance, and reassurance to lessen their anxiety. She does this through Post-Mortem Supports that offer physical, emotional, and spiritual comfort. Rita assists the family
with Communication and Planning. Throughout the first year of bereavement, Rita offers Regular Check-ins. If needed, she assists with identifying and accessing appropriate Bereavement Supports.

Vigil Support

Death is the journey that each of us makes alone. Rita advocates for the dying person; and honors their wishes, as outlined in the Vigil Plan. Rita is available
as a Bedside Presence throughout the active dying process. As a non-medical resource, she provides information and offers guidance throughout the transition.

Indispensable Relief Services

As an independent end-of-life doula, Rita’s services augment the support received from medical professionals. She offers much-needed relief to the over-burdened medical system and ensures every client gets the attention they deserve. She’ll put your mind at ease about everything you must leave behind.

End of Life Options (Non-medical Support)

With the same compassion and empathy, I afford the dying individual assistance to pursue a death of their choosing, including California’s End of Life Option Act; provides Medical Aid in Dying Support for the day of ingestion; and she offers guidance to the family in their support of the dying individual’s decision. 

Older Woman Holding Hand
Zen Stone by the Sea

“I’m a passionate advocate for my patients. Located in Berkeley, CA, my end-of-life doula services help to make the dying process less mysterious for my clients. I supply physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual support by partnering with clients and their families. My goal is to ensure that the control for the planning and decisions remain with the dying individual and those most directly involved. I open dialogue, provide a safe environment, and opportunities to resolve issues, complete conversations, and revisit one’s life legacy.”

Get In Touch

Please reach out to Side by Side End of Life Doula for more information on end-of-life doula services* and what Rita can do to help you prepare for death.

*Individual services are billed either by the hour or packaged to include a range of supports.