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Heartfelt Testimonials

It can feel overwhelming to make a plan for the end of your life; with the support and guidance that Rita provides, you’ll feel more prepared. Please read the testimonials previous clients have kindly provided for services received.

“If it weren’t for Rita Trumbo, I would not have an Advance Health Care Directive, nor would I be the very happy recipient of meaningful hours thinking and discussing my own life’s end and the many issues that surround planning for it. It is a family/financial /business/ethical conversation needed for the completion of one’s life and personal affairs.”

Mary V, San Rafael, CA

“Rita’s compassion and steady guidance provided essential grounding and confidence to myself and my family as we cared for my mother throughout her terminal illness. Rita’s companionship and support were essential. She seemed to anticipate what was needed, answered our questions, and calmed our uncertainty. I don’t know how we would have made it through those final days without her. My mother died peacefully at home; she was surrounded by those who loved her.”

Leslie P., Lafayette, CA

“My dear friend was suffering from a terminal illness that brought with it great pain and an undesirable prognosis; we called upon Rita to help us consider the options available to him. She listened carefully responded to his questions and concerns around pain and fear. Her empathy and compassion, along with her willingness to support my friend’s decision, made his pursuit of California’s End of Life Option act possible. I can’t imagine my friend’s exit without the support provided by Rita as an end-of-life doula.”
Jill G, San Francisco, CA
“I am grateful, thankful for Rita Trumbo. Her gentle, intuitive presence throughout several conversations enabled and guided me as I wrestled with medical, legal, financial, and family issues regarding my own end-of-life planning. She is easy to talk to and listens carefully and sensitively. Always fully present for all my questions and concerns, as well as those inquiries not so easily expressed, nor even thought about before, she enabled me to find a way through new territory! Now I have a Health Care Directive, a funeral and burial organized, and several legal and personal issues defined. Her compassion, insights, knowledge are exceptional, and I have greater peace of mind now as a result. I highly recommend Rita Trumbo.”

Sarah O, Novato, CA

“I started working with Rita in January 2021 after a few tryouts with other Grief Doulas. Within the first five minutes of us connecting over the phone I knew she was someone who could really dig in and help from a cellular level. She was soft and warm. She listened to me intently, but she also, right from the bat, made me tap into my own strength.

Rita came into my life at one of the most difficult, painful, fearful, and grief-stricken times when my mother was critically ill with complicated circumstances. Where every day was a roller coaster and the long-term outcome was completely unknown. We started working together 3 days a week, as an only child, losing my father 5 years prior, and having 2 young children to raise, the support she provided was critical. We developed a deep bond over the course of the past year that I can now look back on and see as one of the most profound support relationships I have ever experienced.

Rita has not only helped me navigate the last year of my mother’s life, her death, and the immense grief that came with it, but she also stepped in as a Life Coach as we naturally and simultaneously did deep inner work that has literally transformed my life.

Rita is someone that has been through real deal grief, the ups and downs of life, and has come through a transformed, ascended woman. She has a gift that is absolutely awe-inspiring and is meant to be shared with this world. She has tools, practices, and many techniques in her toolbox that can help you through whatever it is that inspired you to seek support. If you are fortunate enough for life to have brought Rita into your world, know you are blessed, you are held, and there is light on the other side.”

Shari, Oakland, CA

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